2023 Invited Speaker

Xin Dai
Chongqing University, China

He received his Ph.D. degree in control science and engineering from Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, in 2006. He is currently the Professor of the School of Automation, Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, and the Associate Director of National International Research Center of Wireless Power Transfer.
Professor Dai is a leading researcher in Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and nonlinear control in Power Electronics, significantly contributing to both Wireless Power Transfer theory methods and engineering applications. He is very active as associate editors for top IEEE journals, including IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. As a scientific leader in the field of systems and control, he has been serving on various national and international technical committees.
Prof. Dai has made original contributions in Wireless Power Transfer technology with real world applications, which can be assessed by his publications (over 100 papers) in prestigious international journals, including IEEE T-IE, IEEE T-PE. He authored/co-authored 2 books in the field of Wireless Power Transfer. He also held 50 patents, some of which have gone through technology transfer with an estimate market value of over $10 million. He has given many keynote talks and invited talks, chaired numerous conferences.

2022 Invited Speaker

Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam
Aalborg University, Denmark

Speech title: Perspectives for the Clean Energy Transition

Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam received the Ph.D. degree (Hons.) from University of Tehran in 2015 in Power Systems Engineering. Currently, he is an Associate Professor and Leader of Intelligent Energy Systems and Flexible Markets (iGRIDS) Research Group at the Department of Energy (AAU Energy), Aalborg University where he is also acting as the Vice-Leader of Power Electronic Control, Reliability and System Optimization (PESYS) and the coordinator of Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory (IES-Lab). He made a Guest Professor stay with Technische Universität München, Germany during November/December of 2021. His research interests include planning, control and operation management of microgrids, renewable/hybrid power systems and integrated energy systems with appropriate market mechanisms. He has (co)authored more than 250 technical articles, five books and nine book chapters in the field. Prof. Anvari-Moghaddam serves as the Associate Editor of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS, IEEE Access, IEEE Systems Journal, IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy, and IEEE Power Engineering Letters. He is the Vice-Chair of IEEE Denmark and serves as a Technical Committee Member of several IEEE PES/IES/PELS and CIGRE working groups. He was the recipient of 2020 DUO – India Fellowship Award, DANIDA Research Fellowship grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in 2018 and 2021, IEEE-CS Outstanding Leadership Award 2018 (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), and the 2017 IEEE-CS Outstanding Service Award (Exeter-UK).