Call for Special Session

Special Session Organization is highly encouraged. The goal of these special sessions is to provide a forum for focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications of established approaches. A special session could address a particular theme or consist of work done in some particular international project. Sessions of similar topics may be proposed, if needed we will schedule them at different slots over the conference period.

Special Session Proposal Submission

Interested organizers are invited to submit their special session proposals in the topic areas listed in the Call for Papers of the conference.

Special Session proposals must contain the following information:

  • Title of the proposed Special Session
  • Names, affiliations, and contact information of the session organizers
  • Brief biographies of the session organizers
  • Brief description of the proposed session topic and discussion on why this is a good topic for an ICoPESA 2024 special session

  • Proposals will be evaluated based on topic timeliness and expected impact, qualifications of the organizers.

    The papers in each accepted Special Session will undergo a review process similar to that of the regular papers submitted to ICoPESA 2024.

    Submission Instructions:

    All proposals should be submitted by e-mail:

    Special Session proposal submission deadline: November 30th, 2023.